Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Race?

A Virtual Race is just like any other race, except it’s all on your terms. You choose everything – how far you run, when and where and who you run with. Go for a lovely run outdoors, hit the treadmill at the gym, or you can even do it incrementally as long as you complete your target distance, we don’t mind – your Virtual Race is tailored for you, by you.

Does my challenge need to be completed in one session?

No, the beauty of a virtual race is that you can complete it in as many sessions throughout the month as you wish. So, whether you choose a slow run outdoors, a short blast on the treadmill, or, if you’re just getting started on your running journey you can achieve your target distance incrementally – your Virtual Race is tailored for you, by you.

Where do I do my Virtual Race?

Anywhere you like! Seriously. The best thing about Virtual Running is that you can do it wherever and whenever suits you. Inside on a treadmill, out on the pavements, up in the hills, along the coast – wherever you decide to run we would love to see a picture on our social media @racemakeruk #racemakeruk

Who can do a Virtual Race?

Everyone. There are no restrictions at all. All we ask is that you keep yourself safe, if you’re under 18 run with an adult, if you’re running at night wear something reflective, let someone know where you are going, we also think it’s a good idea to take a phone just in case. Your Racemaker run is by you, for you and all about you.

How far do I need to be able to run?

You select your own distance when you sign up, everyone is different and will have different goals. You may be aiming for your first 5k without stopping – or even in stages. You might want to run 10k a week, or 10k a day. You may decide that this month you are going to walk, run or just go further than you ever have before. Whatever you decide, remember this race is created by you, for you.

Do I walk, jog or run?

It’s totally up to you! We know that everyone is at a different point on their own fitness journey, therefore it doesn’t matter to us if you walk, jog, run or sprint your chosen distance. Your Virtual Race is created by you, for you.

How do I prove my activity?

A simple screenshot or photo of how you tracked your activity is perfect – fitness tracker, step counter, Strava, Runkeeper, all of these and more. All you need to do is go to the Submit Evidence page and follow the simple instructions.  Please remember to send us your evidence by the last day of the month of your challenge (we will remind you!).

I'm getting an error when submitting evidence. Can you help?

Our submit evidence form has a maximum file size limit of 22MB. For this reason, uploading multiple screenshots as evidence may cause you to exceed this limit. To resolve this, please use multiple submissions for your evidence (IE: send your screenshots in 2 submissions, rather than 1)

Submitting evidence using the Samsung Browser?

If you are having difficulty submitting your evidence through the Samsung Browser, please submit your evidence via email.

When do you send the medals out?

All medals and Racemaker goodies will be sent out via Royal Mail from RacemakerHQ at the end of the month.

Can I use another event as proof of my Virtual Race?

Absolutely. Participation at another event is a great way to earn yourself a bonus medal!

I’m not in the UK can I still enter?

Yes of course! Although we will have to charge you a little bit more for overseas shipping. RacemakerHQ will be in touch by email to confirm the shipping to your country. And we would love to see a selfie from your overseas run @racemakeruk #racemakeruk

Is there an age limit?

No anyone can take part, but we suggest that if the participant is under 18 that they are accompanied by an adult.

What if I don't complete the distance I set as my target?

The medal is the reward for all participants who have completed their challenge, unfortunately if you do not complete the distance you will not receive a medal.


If it helps, you can complete your distance incrementally, and send us multiple evidence submissions.